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Safety operation rules for lifting platform

2020-07-25 09:04:19

In order to ensure the safe use of the lifting platform, in conjunction with relevant regulations and regulations, the safe operation rules of the lifting platform are formulated.

1. The use of the lifting platform must be equipped with professional operators who have been specially trained, passed the examination, and have a certificate.

2. The operator of the lifting platform must follow the maintenance regulations of mechanical equipment and perform various inspections and maintenance before starting the lifting platform. Before work, check the working range of the lifting platform truck and remove obstacles that hinder the rotation and walking of the lifting platform truck.

3. Support is an important preparatory work for the operation of the lifting platform. Flat ground should be selected. If the foundation is soft or undulating, it must be cushioned with sleepers before working.

4. The lifting platform should generally raise the lower arm first, then the middle arm, and finally the upper arm. During the slewing operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be raised to a certain height before it can slew. The slewing should be slow. At the same time, pay attention to whether the distance between the shear arm and the platform and the equipment meets the safety requirements.

5. Operators on the working platform should wear safety belts. When working in live areas, the car body should be grounded according to regulations. The lifting platform should be directed by the person in charge of the work. The person in charge should follow the GB5082 standard for signaling and lifting The platform operator makes contact. The signal sent must be clear and accurate.

6. Before the lifting platform is operated, the person in charge of the work should give the operator a technical and safety explanation. The content should include: work content and requirements; safety precautions and dangerous points; personnel division and scope of responsibility. In addition to inspecting the vehicle condition and operators, the person in charge of the work is also responsible for checking the terrain environment, whether the takeoff and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or the work plan formulated in advance. If there is any discrepancy, the corresponding measures should be formulated before the start working.

7. If this regulation conflicts with national or industry regulations, it shall be implemented in accordance with national or industry regulations.



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