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The working principle of the temperature control valve and related knowledge introduction

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Radiator thermostatic controller-also known as: temperature control valve. In recent years, it has been widely used in new residential buildings in my country. It is installed on heating radiators in residential and public buildings. The temperature control valve can set the room temperature according to the different requirements of users. Its temperature sensing part constantly feels the room temperature and automatically adjusts the heat supply according to the current heat demand at any time to prevent the room temperature from overheating and achieve high user comfort.

Effectively save energy and reduce your heating costs

The heating system is designed and calculated based on the required heat load under the statistical outdoor temperature. However, this design temperature only occurs for a few days in the severe cold season, which means that the heating system is operating at full capacity only these few days during the entire heating season. Generally speaking, the heat load required to ensure room temperature is much smaller than the design value, and the heat load is constantly changing. The daily heat load varies throughout the heating season. The temperature control valve can automatically maintain an accurate room temperature according to the predetermined requirements, and is not affected by climatic conditions. Install a temperature control valve in each room to ensure that the "free" heat energy emitted by sunlight, lighting facilities, machinery and human body can be fully utilized to achieve the effect of saving energy.

Solve the problem of hydraulic balance in heating system

The temperature control valve is an indispensable component in the high-level double pipe system, which can solve the problem of water conservancy balance in the pipe network.



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