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The accuracy of the hydraulic press determines the accuracy of the parts

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Generally speaking, for parts that are generally processed by precision pressing, the accuracy of the hydraulic press used determines the accuracy of the parts. However, it is not very accurate to only use static accuracy to measure the accuracy of the press. This is because the size of the mechanical strength of the press itself has a great influence on the stamping accuracy. If the strength of the press itself is low, it will cause the press machine tool to deform at the moment when the punching pressure is reached. In this way, even if the above conditions are adjusted well in the static state, the machine body will deform due to the influence of strength. There is a difference. It can be seen that the precision of the press has a great relationship with the strength, and the strength of the press has a great influence on the stamping work. Therefore, the precision should be selected in the blanking of high-precision workpieces and the continuous cold stamping production. Higher and rigid press.

The press is a universal press with a sophisticated structure. It has a wide range of uses and high production efficiency. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. By applying strong pressure on the metal blank, the metal is plastically deformed and broken to be processed into parts. When the mechanical press is working, the motor drives the large pulley through the V-belt, and drives the crank slider mechanism through the gear pair and the clutch, so that the slider and the punch go straight down. After the forging work is completed, the mechanical press moves the slider upward, the clutch is automatically disengaged, and the automatic on the crankshaft is turned on to stop the slider near the top dead center.



Before the formal operation, an idling test run is required to confirm that all parts are normal before work. All unnecessary items on the workbench should be cleaned up before starting the machine to prevent the sudden start of the slider caused by driving vibration and hitting people or hitting the switch. Tools must be used for operation. It is strictly forbidden to directly reach into the mold mouth to take objects by hand. Hand tools must not be placed on the mold.

When adjusting the position of the workpiece in the die area or removing the workpiece stuck in the mold, the foot must leave the pedal. Multiple people operating the same press should have a unified command, clear signals, wait for the other party to make a clear response, and confirm to leave the danger zone before moving. Sudden power failure or operation is complete, turn off the power and restore the manipulator to clutch neutral, and the brake is in the braking state. The overhaul and adjustment of the press and the installation, adjustment, and disassembly of the mold should be carried out when the machine tool is disconnected from the energy source (such as electricity, gas, liquid) and the machine tool is stopped, and a cushion block is placed under the slider to be reliable Support. A warning is displayed on the machine start switch.


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